Tracking Elderly Parents

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As the Baby Boomers prepare for retirement and are looking where to live after the work day is done. 

One issue keeps nagging at them.  What to do with my elderly parents.  They still want to be active and live on their own – going to the grocery store or taking a drive or walk in the evening.  We shudder to think as they maintain their “freedom” that first signs of dementia start to creep into their lives. Maybe they forget where they parked, or which interstate they are on, it starts to happen. Offer them a way to keep active and giving you the “Peace of Mind” of knowing that at any time you can log on or dial up their Personal Tracking Unit and know where they are.  With the 24/7 support line, help is as close as a SOS button away. 

New products with new technology give you confidence for your parents.  You may not be able to ride along with them, but now you can.

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