0 Down Leasing

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In today’s economy, it is getting more difficult to reduce operating cost.  High insurance cost, higher fuel cost can drive small businesses to their knees.  Many small business, wanting to reduce these and other expenses look for ways that they can have insight in what is actually going on in their business.  From employees taking longer lunches, to employees driving their vehicle after hours, owning a fleet of vehicles is a large expense. Two of the highest cost in a small business may be their payroll expenses and their vehicle cost.  Each of these takes a burden on the small business owner. Today, it takes approximately $400-$500 per vehicle to have a GPS tracking system installed into each vehicle making the type of cost reducing system out of reach.  A small business owner with 15 trucks in his fleet would have to lay out $6000.00 to $7500 to get into a GPS Fleet Management System. In today’s market, that can be a burden.

But the Valor System has a plan to help small business owner’s take back their business.  Take control over the rising cost of doing business, lower their insurance cost and probably lower their payroll.

The 0 Down leasing program can help small businesses get that GPS Fleet Tracking System installed into their fleet.  With a low monthly payment, which includes the hardware cost, monthly monitoring, installation, everything a business needs to get into a system that can help them lower the cost of doing business.  They even offer two way messaging devises too.

Check out the hardware here:

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