Thieves Targeting Snow Plows in Illinois

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Snow Truck PlowThe lack of snow this winter is hurting the snow-removal industry rather harshly. To make matters worse, thieves are now targeting snow-removal vehicles and equipment, easily the most valuable assets in this business.

Specifically in Bridgeview, IL, the Downer family is a well known business, even featured on the cover of “Snow Business” magazine.  However, their business is very shaky at the moment with the snow drought and having become victims of asset theft.

One of their plow trucks was stolen in the middle of the day on Monday, right out of a small parking lot. Another truck had the snow plow taken from the vehicle in the same parking lot.  Additional, they suffered the loss of a $6,000 snow pusher which was stolen from a storage lot.

The Downers estimate they’ve lost more than $100,000 worth of assets in recent weeks alone.

They’ve recently implemented GPS Asset Tracking and GPS Vehicle Tracking devices to prevent any further left. “You live, you learn,” Maggie Downer says.

The Valor System encourages those at risk to be proactive about theft prevention before an incident like this happens to your business.

Watch the video regarding this incident here


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