Fuel Costs Rise for 32 Consecutive Days

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AAA Logo Rise in Gas Prices

Gas prices have consistently risen for 32 straight days as of February 28th, according to AAA. The national average on January 26th was $3.38, while the average on February 28th was $3.70, which is a 35 cent increase from this time period in 2011.

If you feel as if you’re paying more at the pump this February than you ever have before, you’d be exactly right. Gas costs have never been this high in late February, and unfortunately show continued signs of rising.

However, the increases in 2012 haven’t been distributed evenly throughout the nation, as noted by AAA. States that have “cheaper, landlocked crude products” are seeing lower prices at the pump than coastal states. By region, the price increases YTD are as follows:

Pacific Coast: $0.54 increase
Southwest Region: $0.44 increase
Southeast Region: $0.44 increase
Mid Atlantic: $0.42 increase
New England States: $0.41 increase
Midwest Region: $0.36 increase
Great Lakes Area: $0.30 increase
Mountain West: $0.16 increase

Unfortunately in Hawaii, California, and Alaska, the gas prices are averaging above $4 per gallon, while drivers in Wyoming and Colorado are the only states paying less than $3.20 per gallon.

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