IdleAir Continues to Grow Truckstop Electrification

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IdleAir LogoIdleAir, which provides truck drivers with TV, HVAC, Internet, and general electricity at truckstop parking spaces, has reported the company’s future plans and progress at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

The trucking service is now offering a promotion, $0 up front and they’ll help reduce fleets’ idling time by 50%, improve MPG by at least 10% and prolong vehicle life by ohver 20%.

The company added 7 locations and 3 new states in 2011 alone, which brings it’s total to 27 locations in 12 states. “We are grateful for the partnership of our travel center hosts, including Flying J, Love’s, and Sapp Brothers, as well as several TA franchises and independent travel centers. We now have nearly 2,000 installed parking spaces and plans for the addition of more than 10 travel centers on major trucking corridors throughout 2012,” says Ethan Garber, CEO of IdleAir.

The planned expansion for IdleAir includes spreading to cities such as Houston, Dallas, and Denver, while selecting locations in the states of California, Ohio, Louisiana, Virginia, and Pennslyvania.

Garber also stated that “corporate streamlining” has given IdleAir the opportunity to keep their prices low, at a retail rate of $1.99 per hour for the first 10 hours, and then $1.25 per hour for a continuous stay exceeding 10 hours. This translate to about $30 a night for drivers, which can complete a 34 hour reset and maintain in compliance with hours of service laws. Additionally, they’re saving fuel, reducing engine wear, and keeping their batteries charged.

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