Prevent Motorcycle or Boat Theft with GPS Tracking

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GPS Boat Geofence TrackingWorried about your motorcycle or boat getting stolen? Not anymore. The VS-Aire Locator from the Valor System is a GPS tracking solution that is specifically engineered to eliminate boat and motorcycle theft.

The VS-Aire provides 24/7 real-time GPS locations for your vehicle from a web-based platform that can be accessed from any computer. When your ignition is turned off, a virtual geo-fence surrounds your vehicle. In the event someone attempts to move, start, or otherwise steal your vehicle, an alert will immediately be sent to your cell phone letting you know something is amiss. Additionally, alerts such as speeding or g-shocks (crash or falls) can be configured to alert a friend or family member if you’re riding alone.

Learn more about the VS-Aire GPS Locator and protect your motorcycle or boat immediately.

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