2012 New York Auto Show: Fast Cars, Flying Cars, Green Cars!

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The hyped  2012 New York Auto Show has begun, and has already raised much excitement showcasing a flying car and awesome new vehicle technology.

Pictures: NYAS Featured Vehicles

More than 1,000 new vehicles will be featured from 43 different manufacturers around the world.

A new flying car prototype from Terrafugia is creating a lot of buzz. Priced at $279,000, the concept vehicle already has 100 pre-orders.

Take a guess at how much the most expensive vehicle at the show is and you probably won’t even be close. An original Shelby Cobra, featured at the same auto show 50 years ago has a whopping price tag of $25 million!

An interesting new car from Nissan, named the Leaf, features absolutely zero emissions with no tailpipe and ultimately no pollution. It’s an electric car with a battery that will take you 100 miles on a full charge.

Now what everyone wants to know, the fastest new automobile. Reaching racing speeds of 253 MPH, the Bugatti is the fastest car in the entire world. Those willing to spend the $2 million mini-fortune on the Bugatti will enjoy going zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds!

The New York Auto Show lasts until April 15th.

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