Ford Offers New Fleet Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Cost Calculator

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Ford Vehicle Missions Fleet Fuel Cost CalculatorFord has introduced a new calculator to help their fleet customers decipher their current carbon footprint from their fleet vehicles. The calculator accounts for different scenarios and vehicles to assist fleet managers in achieving optimal fuel economy.

Ford dubbed their new tool the ‘Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Cost Calculator’ and it uses variables such as type of vehicle, class of fuel, potential traffic scenarios, and the elevation changes in certain regions to best calculate which vehicle produces optimal results for fuel efficiency and emissions.

Factors such as “upstream” emissions (power plant emissions) can be analyzed and associated with operating electric vehicles. The Detroit-based company gave the example of operating an electric vehicle in Portland, Oregon (where hydroelectric power is abundant), vs. operating the same vehicle in a coal-based area, such as Philadelphia.

Ford hopes the tool will keep their fleet customers informed in order to meet their business needs, save money, and protect the environment.

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