How Fleet Tracking Benefits You

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M7N GPS Fleet Management

Realize The Benefits

Fleet Tracking is a great tool to cut down your fleet costs and save you thousands of dollars each year. By using GPS Fleet Tracking you will be able to know where your vehicles are up to every minute, if needed. Fleet Managers are able to get instant alerts on their phone or email letting them know critical fleet information in just a few moments. Although there is a year-to-year savings of thousands of dollars, a company does not have to wait that long  to see a return on investment. In only a matter of weeks, Fleet Managers will see an ROI based on the quick behavior change of their fleet drivers with an increase in productivity being displayed. Managers have the control to not only monitor these actions but also to set limits on speed and the ability to set geofences.

– Here is a list of ways to utilize your fleet tracking system:
– Monitor Gas Cards/Gas Purchases
– Dispatch
– Driver AccountabilityCustomer Service

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