• Virginia to Move Forward with More Thorough Texting Ban

    The Virginia General Assembly has passed legislation to make the state’s existing driving-while-texting ban a primary offense and to substantially raise penalties for offenses. The Senate bill on this issue states: Driving while texting; primary offense; increased penalties. Provides that driving while texting is a traffic infraction punishable, for a first offense, by a fine […]

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  • Get Informed About Hours of Service

    Hours of Service The term “Hours of Service” refers to a set of regulations by transportation regulators governing how many hours a commercial driver can operate continually. Driver log auditing can help take care of Hours of Service issues as well as a range of other regulations by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and […]

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  • Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?

    Stress is scary and it’s no secret that newly minted young drivers are inexperienced risk-takers. Their inexperience comes at a price, both in accidents and insurance rates. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), teens are four times more likely than adult drivers to get in an accident, and adding a teen to your policy […]

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  • The Advantages of GPS Fleet Tracking

    GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System, fleet tracking is a cost-effective and efficient way of saving money that adds value to any type of fleet operation that implements it. GPS fleet tracking works by using a network of satellites to triangulate on earthbound receivers in order to locate and transmit data with regard to […]

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  • Almost $7 Diesel Says Trucking Association

    California clean fuel directives will result in many job losses and will drive diesel prices to an estimated $6.69 per gallon. Consequently, this will put California’s truckers at a serious competitive disadvantage. This news comes from a recent study released by the California Trucking Association (CTA). The CTA study is called “The Impact of the […]

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  • Cadillac’s Autonomous Self-Driving System: Super Cruise

    Cadillac’s self-driving system, called Super Cruise, features radar, vehicle cameras, a variety of sensors, and GPS data to handle braking and steering on highways. It wasn’t too long ago that self-driving cars seemed a thing of the future, but now several major automakers are gearing up to have self driving cars as early as 2020. […]

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  • Future Vehicle Safety Feature May Detect Our Moods

    Future cars and trucks may have a new safety feature installed called the mood-sensitive electronics system. This new technology is currently in the development stage with hopes that vehicle’s safety alert systems will be able to adapt to the driver’s mood, according to Whatcar.com. You’re probably asking yourself, “How can my vehicle know what mood […]

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  • Vehicle Telematics System: What is Telematics?

    What are Vehicle Telematics Systems? A vehicle telematics system integrates computer technology, GPS tracking, and possibly cellular/satellite networks, all into one platform that is generally used in cars, trucks, and haulage vehicles. This may also be referred to as in-vehicle electronics or on-board technology. Common examples of telematics include mobile data, GPS navigation, and vehicle […]

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  • NHTSA Wants to Mandate Brake-Throttle Override for Light Vehicles

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants to improve existing safety standards for light vehicles to help drivers stop better. Introduced on Thursday, April 12, the new plan would implement an Brake-Throttle Override which would be enabled with both the accelerator pedal and brake pedal are depressed simultaneously. If passed, the requirement would help […]

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  • Autonomous Vehicles as soon as 2020?

    All the talk surrounding Google’s concept autonomous Toyota Prius has many people wondering when will auto-pilot cars be on the road? Larry Burns, GM’s former head of R&D, speculates that self-driving cars could be on the road as soon as 2020. At the University of Michigan’s Robotics Day, Burns informed students that automobile companies are […]

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