• Ford Offers New Fleet Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Cost Calculator

    Ford has introduced a new calculator to help their fleet customers decipher their current carbon footprint from their fleet vehicles. The calculator accounts for different scenarios and vehicles to assist fleet managers in achieving optimal fuel economy. Ford dubbed their new tool the ‘Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Cost Calculator’ and it uses variables such as […]

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  • 2012 New York Auto Show: Fast Cars, Flying Cars, Green Cars!

    The hyped  2012 New York Auto Show has begun, and has already raised much excitement showcasing a flying car and awesome new vehicle technology. Pictures: NYAS Featured Vehicles More than 1,000 new vehicles will be featured from 43 different manufacturers around the world. A new flying car prototype from Terrafugia is creating a lot of buzz. […]

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  • Air1: Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Locator App

    The diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) producing company, Yara, has launched the first DEF locating mobile application using GPS technology to find nearby DEF outlets. The application entitled Air1 DEF Mobile Locator, is a free download from iTunes and can be used with any Apple product. Eventually, Yara plans to release the application on other platforms, […]

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  • GPS Tracking Company Recovers $100,000 in Stolen Assets

    U.S. transportation company, Ruan Transport Corp., was able to recover a stolen truck and assets totaling $100,000 in value thanks to their GPS Fleet Tracking System. The truck was stolen right out of their lot when an unauthorized movement alert notified the Ruan Transport Corp. and they were able to track the stolen vehicle to […]

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  • Prevent Motorcycle or Boat Theft with GPS Tracking

    Worried about your motorcycle or boat getting stolen? Not anymore. The VS-Aire Locator from the Valor System is a GPS tracking solution that is specifically engineered to eliminate boat and motorcycle theft. The VS-Aire provides 24/7 real-time GPS locations for your vehicle from a web-based platform that can be accessed from any computer. When your […]

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  • IdleAir Continues to Grow Truckstop Electrification

    IdleAir, which provides truck drivers with TV, HVAC, Internet, and general electricity at truckstop parking spaces, has reported the company’s future plans and progress at the Mid-America Trucking Show. The trucking service is now offering a promotion, $0 up front and they’ll help reduce fleets’ idling time by 50%, improve MPG by at least 10% […]

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  • Finally, a Reasonable GPS Elderly Tracking Device

    It’s hard to see a loved one age, and it’s our responsibility to ensure their safety. Whether it’s remembering doctor’s appointments, monitoring a loved one’s need for independence, or handling a cognitive disorder, modern technology can help keep track of a family member or friend and eliminate worrying. The Valor System has released a GPS […]

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  • 2012 Hours of Service Compliance

    2012 FMCSA Hours of Service (HOS) Regulations The new 2012 FMCSA HOS regulations have forced fleet managers to reexamine their daily operations to ensure they’re in compliance and avoiding fines. The new changes were decide late last year, but have an enforcement date of February 27, 2012 or by July 1, 2013 depending on the […]

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  • Free Fuel Locator App from Fleet One

    A new fuel locator app was released for iPhone and Android (Blackberry coming soon) that improves fleet management and decrease fuel costs. The best part? The creator of the app, Fleet One, has decided to provide this as a free service. The new app allows card holding Fleet One customers to locate the cheapest fuel […]

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  • Goodyear’s Tire Pressure Control: Air Maintenance Technology

    Goodyear introduced new tire technology at the Geneva International Motor Show called Air Maintenance Technology (AMT). The large tire company says that AMT will keep tire’s air at an optimum pressure without pumps, electronics, or any assistance from drivers. Under inflated tires can increase fuel costs by 2.5 to 3.3% according to industry research, so […]

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