Bus and Taxi Fleet Tracking

Bus and Taxi Fleet Tracking & Vehicle Cameras

Taxi Fleet TrackingGPS Fleet Tracking and Vehicle Cameras are a proven way for bus and taxi fleets to reduce costs while keeping both drivers and passengers safe.  Using a powerful fleet tracking system enables the ability to monitor traffic delays, Improve Routes, reroute drivers, communicate with drivers, and use real-time GPS tracking to always know the location of each vehicle in your fleet.

A vehicle camera ensures that your drivers and passengers remain safe in an industry where unruly behavior is known to happen.  The presence of a vehicle camera alone deters much of this behaviors, but rest assured knowing you’ll have reliable audio, video, and GPS footage playback to review any event at any time, whether it’s a passenger situation, an accident, or another unfavorable scenario.

Now you can lower the chances of having a Distracted Darryl in your fleet with the Live Streaming DashCam. Small compact design, yet it still gives you HD quality Video and the ability to streaming Live Video on a 4G LTE network.

Remote Playback

1080P HD Quality Video

Tamper Resistant Design