In Vehicle Car Camera


In Vehicle Car Camera System


The Valor System integrates an In-Vehicle Car Camera DVR system with leading-edge technology via GPS to create the new generation of vehicle recording system. This state of the art system not only records H.264 video and CD quality audio, but also manages events happening inside and outside the vehicle.


Car Camera Features

  • Dual Camera – Front 120 degree and inside175 degree wide angle views at same time while you driving the car.
  • Built-in GPS – The World’s Only Car Camera With Built-In GPS Location Logger -Complete Surveillance Records That Import Into Google Earth. Records videos, time and GPS location of all driving events to SD card and watch on Google map
  • Non stop recording – The Car Camera provides recording capabilities of events inside and outside of the vehicle while in motion. This device tracks the speed in MPH or KMH as well as an integrated video resolution of MAX.50 fps (channel/30 fps), VGA (640 x 480).
  • Save event archiving – The Car Camera automatically records when an accident occurs. (Default settings: 20 seconds of total record time before and after event occurs). In the event of an emergency, pushing the emergency button will record the event immediately. During sudden Impact, acceleration or braking, the device will begin recording immediately.
  • Analyze live feed – inside audio, speed and location via GPS system of the vehicle.
  • Night Vision: Infrared Laser Light Emitting Diode is used for recording inside the car at night.
  • Display window – 1 channel play (channel can be switched), 2channel play (channel can be switched), 2Channels simultaneously (PIP function), Enlarge the screen mode When double clicking on the image, the view will become full screen (1024 x 768 resolution is the recommended)
  • Play modes – Distinguished by each category such as normal, emergency, and impact or over speed. The files are displayed in order by year/month/day/time/minute/second/ event
  • Easy camera setting – Setup recording frames per second for each camera.
  • Emergency button – Protected without being overwritten with other images.
  • SD memory card – Saved data stored on a SD memory card.
  • Video and Audio record
  • Play Video and Audio – Play, stop, fast forward, fast review and other function.
  • Online Google map link – The driving course can be check on the map with driving sensor’s information.
  • Record AVI file – Video images are decoded with AVI file that you can convert to other movie files.

Car Camera Spec Sheets:

  • 1 Camera – In Vehicle Car Camera System
  • 2 Camera – In Vehicle Car Camera System
  • Camera Accessories  – WI-FI and Hard Drives
  • Camera Viewer Download


Car Camera

  1. SD Memory Slot
  2. Emergency Cable Connector
  3. Camera
  4. IR LED
  5. CDS Sensor
  6. Recording LED
  7. GPS LED
  8. Power LED
  9. Emergency Button
  10. MIC
  11. Camera
  12. Monitor Connector
  13. GPS Connector
  14. Serial Port
  15. Channel Switch (When monitor is connected)
  16. Power Cable Connector

The Valor System provides a full line of GPS Fleet Tracking System for businesses use. The Valor System’s In Vehicle Car Camera is just on of the many systems that gives you the ability to “see” into the cab of your fleet vehicles.