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  • Fuel Costs Rise for 32 Consecutive Days

    Gas prices have consistently risen for 32 straight days as of February 28th, according to AAA. The national average on January 26th was $3.38, while the average on February 28th was $3.70, which is a 35 cent increase from this time period in 2011. If you feel as if you’re paying more at the pump […]

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  • The Dangers of Distracted Driving

    The Dangers of Distracted Driving There are a lot of things more interesting than driving. You know this and so does the U.S. Department of Transportation. But with 1.6 million – or 28 percent – of wrecks in 2009 blamed on hand-held cell phone usage, it’s easy to see why the agency has begun to […]

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  • Regional Oil Prices are Increasing Fuel Costs

    Regional Oil Prices are Increasing Fuel Costs The weekly fuel report from AAA shows a 3 cent increase in fuel prices from last week. Overall, the average fuel cost across the nation has increased by $0.12 compared to last month, and a whopping 38 cents compared to February, 2011. Decreased demand for gas has refiners […]

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  • Thieves Targeting Snow Plows in Illinois

    The lack of snow this winter is hurting the snow-removal industry rather harshly. To make matters worse, thieves are now targeting snow-removal vehicles and equipment, easily the most valuable assets in this business. Specifically in Bridgeview, IL, the Downer family is a well known business, even featured on the cover of “Snow Business” magazine.  However, […]

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  • Lower Fuel Expenses with

    Lower Fuel Expenses with The price of diesel fuel is expected reach an all time in 2012, and fleet managers are searching for the best methods to reduce costs. The Valor System has devised several fuel saving strategies to help you save this year and put more money in your pocket. One method is […]

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  • Three Tactics to Lower Fuel Costs in 2012

    Three Tactics to Lower Fuel Costs in 2012   The cost of fuel has gone through the roof, and studies show no signs of changes. In recent years, we’ve endured the highest gas prices of all time, and an increasingly erratic oil industry. In fact, 2011 set the record for the highest fuel costs in one year […]

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  • Public Safety Alerts Added To Google Maps

    Google Public Safety Alerts Google has developed a new add-on to their Crisis Response Project called Google Public Alerts.  This new application is designed to inform the general public about emergency situations such as severe weather, disasters, potential harm to the public safety, and more. The emergency alerts are integrated directly into Google Maps. They provide […]

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  • Five Ways GPS Fleet Tracking Save (and Make) you Money!

    GPS Fleet Tracking Saving money is making money, and Safety Track GPS Fleet Tracking System saves fleet companies thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. These GPS Fleet Tracking units sport numerous features that make tracking vehicles and streamlining operations simple. 1. With a GPS Fleet Tracking System, You use less fuel and […]

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  • Deduct the Cost of Buying a GPS Tracking System!

    Section 179 Provides BIG $$$ Incentives… Businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment purchased or financed during the tax year Invest in GPS and Fleet Management and receive a generous tax break designed specifically to help companies invest in technology and their business. Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses […]

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  • Fleet Managment System

    Today the Valor System introduced their latest in their GPS Fleet Tracking Family of products. The Fleet Management System has the ability to track vehicle in real time, with updates of 2 minute standard. The Tracking unit can be connected to a LED screen to give real 2 way messaging to the drivers. You can even […]

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