Fleet Camera Solutions

The Valor System offers you a choice in Fleet Camera Solutions. From a Passive Camera, a system that collects data all day long, but you have to go and retrieve the SD card in order to review the footage, To our Best in Class Live Streaming Video System, the UCIT, which will provide you the ability to view live video.

On Two Platforms, Verizon and T-Mobile, you now have a choice.

Live Streaming HD Fleet Camera

UCIT-T and VWhat would having live streaming video do for your company?

  • Lower Insurance Cost?
  • Improve Training?
  • Make Decisions quicker?

Now you can see what your driver is doing at that exact moment. Take a peek at your driver during any point in the day with our New Live Streaming Fleet Camera System!


Valor System Live View Player

4 Channel Player

Live Video
Stream/view on 4G LTE
4 Channel Recording
GPS Detection and Recording Via Google Earth
720P High-Resolution Recording
Full GPS historical data.
Remote Playback Capable
Available in 8 Channel Model



2 Channel Live DashCam – Verizon



E07 4G

You now have the ability to streaming live video from a small compact Dashcam.

The UCIT 2 Channel gives you the ride along with your drivers, saving you money, while giving you the needed eyes to see what your drivers are doing. Retrain your drivers on safety procedure and improve fleet safety, while lowering your insurance cost.



img_9230Live Video
Stream/view from anywhere at anytime
2 Channel Recording
GPS Detection and Recording Via Google Earth
High-Resolution Recording
Full GPS historical data

Locking Bracket – Tamper Resistant




Passive Fleet Cameras


In-Vehicle HD Fleet Camera – Wi-Fi Uploads

In Vehicle Fleet Camera SystemThe In-Vehicle Fleet Camera System is perfect for any fleet vehicle. It gives you the ability to see all you need to. Take a peek at what your driver does during commute while seeing their view as well! Great for training or process improvement. This the perfect 2 Channel In-Vehicle Fleet Camera System.



In Vehicle Camera Software



WIFI Uploading Capabilities
720P HD Recording Resolution
GPS (Detection and Recording) Via Google Earth
Emergency Button Recording
175 Degree Viewing Angles




Four Channel HD Fleet Camera System

UCIT-T and V

Check out the Valor System’s Four Channel Fleet Camera System and get the same great information as the 2 camera system, but with 2 additional, external cameras. It gives you more for many views in and around your fleet vehicles! Eliminate “blind Spots”. Add a in vehicle monitor and the driver can use the external cameras as backup or side view.


4 Channel Recording
High Video Resolution (720P HD)
Low Power Consumption/Battery Protection
GPS Detection and Recording Via Google Earth

8 Channel Unit available Now!



Backup Cameras


Backup Camera

Fleet Backup Camera System

Add some extra safety to your fleet with Safety Track’s Backup Cameras!



1024×768 High Video Resolution
20 Meter Cable
Dash or Window Mount 7″ LCD Monitor
Remote Controlled
Low Power Consumption


Wireless Backup Camera

Wireless Fleet Backup Camera System

Let your driver see his surrondings from many views and with no wires!




4 Cameras Supported
Dash or Window Mount 7″ LCD Monitor
120 Degree Viewing Angles
1024×768 High Video Resolution
Remote Controlled
Wireless/Cordless Operation


Sports Cameras


Avenger Sports Camera

dropped in water sports camera

Use the latest in sports technology when participating to get that perfect shot to show everyone later!




Full 1080P HD Recording
Waterproof up to 50 Meters of Water
All Mounts and Accessories Included
Easy Operation
High Speed USB 2.0 Configuration