Battery Powered GPS Asset Tracking

GPS Asset Tracking Systems

Valor System offers a full line of Battery Powered GPS Asset Tracking devices to provide you with the information you need to manage your non-powered assets. Whether your business requires full reporting capabilities, real-time tracking data, trailer temperature alerts, unauthorized movement notifications, or even worldwide tracking, we cater our products to fit your unique needs.

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GPS Asset tracking

VS-50 GPS Asset Tracking Unit

The VS-50 is a compact GPS Asset Tracking device made of high impact plastic, provides a long lasting four-year battery, and one GPS ping Per day to keep track of expensive assets.  This unit is very easy to install, using either a few screws or two-way adhesive tape so your assets can be tracked in a matter of moments.


GPS Asset Tracking Features

– Daily or Weekly Location Updates
– Unauthorized Movement AlertsGPS Track Mapping
– Up to 4 Year Battery Life
– Two Internal Antennae’s
– Geofence Capabilities – Low Power Use
– Low Start-up Costs
– Multiple Mapping Views

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GPS Tracking Worldwide

VS-1000 GPS Asset Worldwide Inventory Locator

The VS-1000 enables your assets to be tracked anywhere on the planet with accurate GPS satellite position technology.  This Patented communication system is robust, easy to use, has a long-lasting battery, and is used by the US Government.

Now in a solar powered model too.

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– Worldwide GPS Coverage
– Receive Instant Notifications (E-mail, Text, or Call)
– Asset Automated Reports (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly)
– High Impact Plastic/Weatherproof
– Up To 5 Year Battery Life
– Low Start-up/Monitoring Costs[sws_divider_basic]

Instant Alerts

Instant Alerts


Report History

GPS World Asset Tracking



Coverage Area

VS1000 World Coverage Map


GPS Container Tracking

GPS Asset Tracking Container System

Whether a small or large operation, Valor System can outfit your business to properly manage your containers anywhere in the world.  Our GPS Container Tracking System is easy to use. Simple to set up. It is very affordable to provide a great solution that can be implemented quickly.


– Nationwide or Worldwide Coverage
– Location Updates (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly)
– Powerful Automated Reporting
– Internal Antennae’s (GPS/Cellular)
– Low Start-up Costs
– Various Mapping Views


GPS Asset Tracking Container Locator Screen Shot

GPS Asset Tracking System

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