GPS Boat & Motorcycle Tracking Anti-Theft Devices

VS-Aire: GPS Boat & Motorcycle Tracking

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GPS Boat Geofence Tracking

The VS-Aire from Valor System is an ideal solution to protect your motorcycle and boat. 

Upon parking your vehicle, a geofence will automatically surround the device and alert your cell phone should someone attempt to move/steal your automobile.

Additionally, real-time GPS tracking is integrated into this device as well as a history report enabling archived trips and outings.


VS-Aire Features

VS-Aire Motorcycle Boat GPS Tracking

Automatically establishes a geofence around your vehicle when parked. A geofence violation alert will be sent via text, e-mail, or on the web system if your vehicle moves.

Real-time Location
Whether it’s tracking a trip you’ve taken or fulfilling the need to locate your vehicle, real-time tracking is available to meet your needs. Additionally, a history report is available to review trips from the past and archive them.

Receive alerts to your cell phone, e-mail , or the web system when an event is triggered such as geofence violations, g-shock, speeding, and more.

Water & Splash Resistant
The VS-Aire is water and splash resistant for protection against the elements.

Web Based Platform
The VS-Aire uses a state of the art web based software package that provides user with advanced GPS tracking and theft protection features. The full service web dashboard allows you to track locations, movement, view history, and much more from any internet connection.

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