S-911 Lola: GPS Elderly Tracking

S-911 Lola: GPS Elderly Tracking

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Give yourself peace of mind with the S-911 Lola GPS Elderly Tracker. Using advanced GPS technology, family and friends can now keep track of loved ones suffering from cognitive disorders, or independent relatives approaching their final years of driving. Whether you want to prevent wandering or being lost, ensure they’re safely in or around their home, make scheduled doctor visits, or another application, the S-911 Lola is an extremely valuable device that can help you.




S-911 Lola GPS Elderly TrackingS-911 Lola GPS Elderly Tracking Features

Establish acceptable boundaries  for your loved one to travel. When the S-911 Lola crosses the perimeter, an alert will immediately be sent to your phone.

Real Time Location
Receive pinpoint GPS locations and movement from any internet connection using the powerful web-based platform.

Alerts are automatically sent to your cell phone, e-mail address, or the web system if an event is triggered such as speeding, crossing a geofence, g-shock, and more.

Water & Splash Resistant
A water proof case is available for protection against drops and the elements.

Web Based Platform
The S-911 Lola uses a powerful web system that integrates Location Now and Google Maps. Utilizing 24 satellites, the VS-100 can accurately locate any spot in the world and report it in an user friendly interface that is loaded with notifications and reports.

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