GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits

GPS Fleet Tracking BenefitsGPS Fleet Tracking Benefits

Running an efficient business is a necessity in today’s competitive world.

GPS Fleet Tracking Systems will optimize your fleet and provide crucial benefits that improve productivity, reduce fuel costs, reduce labor costs, extend your fleet’s life, and more.


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Increase Fuel Efficiency
Automated reporting and instant alerts eliminate gas consuming idling, speeding, and unauthorized vehicle usage.  You will receive instant notifications of any of these behaviors and more.  Additional gas will be saved by optimizing routes with live traffic features and rerouting dispatch options.

Reduce Labor Costs
Taking longer than expected drives, lengthy breaks, a nap on the job, or falsifying hours are eliminated.  Driver’s will be held accountable for their actions and automated alerts (No Movement Alert, Geofence Alert, etc)  can be setup to instantly notify if any of these behaviors occur.

Extend Fleet Life & Correct Driving Habits
Maintenance reports and alerts will notify you when it’s time for a vehicle’s scheduled maintenance.  Any work done to a vehicle is stored in a detailed log that keeps repairs organized and easily retrievable.  Also protecting each vehicle’s lifespan is a series of alerts such has harsh breaking, harsh acceleration, or speeding, which can deteriorate a vehicle.

Mobile Access
Monitor your fleet anytime and anywhere right from your cell phone.  Your employees will continue to work efficiently at job sites and exercise proper driving behaviors even when you’re not at the office.


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Improve Productivity
Driver’s will stay on task and eliminate longer breaks or side jobs once fleet tracking has been implemented into their vehicle.  Also, routes can be optimized with navigation, as well as dispatch features which can be used to reroute and avoid delays such as traffic.

Improved Customer Service
Once you have implemented a GPS Fleet Tracking System, your customers will appreciate knowing exactly when their product or service is arriving.  Gain the advantage of providing faster arrival for service by routing your closest vehicle to a destination.  Confirm job completion and provide accurate work times with an automated start/stop report.

Insurance Discounts
Experience the lowest possible insurance by avoiding speeding tickets with speeding alerts.  Also, many insurance companies provide discounts for GPS Tracking implementation due to a decreased chance of theft.


GPS Fleet Tracking Systems will continue to work for you while you attend to other matters.

Any of the following alerts can be sent to your cell phone or e-mail as soon as they occur.

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Extensive Idle Time

Scheduled Maintenance

Exceeds Posted Speed

Exceeds Set Speed

Geofence Boundary Crossed


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First Movement Time

Extended Stop Time

Select Sensor Active/Inactive

Specified “Odd Hour” Movement

Vehicle Temperature


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Destination Arrival

Departed from Location

Enter/Exit Specified Zone

Enter/Exit Zip Code



Reports can be generated as you need them or automatically at specified times.

Choose from any of the following reports:

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Begin/End Day Summary

Driver ScoreCard

Idling Times/Durations

Exceeded Posted/Set Speed Log

Vehicle Temperatures


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Geofence Summary

Driver Assignment History

Vehicle Location History

Vehicle Sensor Summary

Vehicle Speed Summary


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Engine On Summary

Fleet Overview Summary

Past Maintenance Logs

Maintenance Schedule Summary


Fleet Tracking Insurance Discounts

Valor System’s GPS Tracking Systems also serve as anti-theft devices which qualify for insurance discounts. Several insurance companies and states (listed below) offer discounts that can immediately reduce your costs.
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Insurance Companies Offering Discounts

– 21st Century Insurance up to 15%

– AAA Insurance up to 18%

– AIG Insurance up to 15%

– Allstate Insurance (CA, TX, NY, FL) up to 18%

– ALFA Insruance (AL) up to 10%

– Farmers Insruance up to 15%

– Fireman’s Fund up to 5%

– Geico up to 10%

– Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance up to 15%

– Liberty Mutual up to 25%

– Mercury Insurance up to 30%

– Nationwide Insurance (CA) up to 10%

– Progressive Insurance up to 15%

– Safeco Insurance up to 10%

– USAA Insurance up to 10%


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State Mandated Anti-Theft Device Discounts

– Illinois

– Kentucky

– Louisiana

– Massachusetts

– Minnesota

– New Jersy

– New Mexico

– New York

– Pennslyvania

– Rhode Island

– Texas


All discounts above vary by company and state guidelines.  Each company and state has their own underwriting guidelines and not all applicants will qualify.