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Valor System offers a complete line of GPS Fleet Tracking Systems. Whether you’re a small fleet that needs to know the location of 5 vehicles, or a 1,000 truck operation that requires industry leading tools and features, Valor System has a solution for you.


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Complete – VS-2500 

The Complete- VS-2500 GPS Fleet Tracking Systems is a Real-Time, 100% Web-Based System. A customizable platform gives you the results you need to reduce fleet cost.

The VS-2500 is the latest in GPS Fleet Tracking Systems technology. Small, compact design, allows you to receive large cost savings for your fleet.[/sws_4_columns]

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Simple VS-400

The Simple VS-400 is a real-time GPS Fleet Tracking systems that provides custom features usually found in more costly solutions.  Small businesses enjoy having the option of a powerful fleet tracking platform without the high price.

The VS-400 provides an array of solutions ranging from powerful fleet reporting, real-time tracking, notifications, and more.[/sws_4_columns]

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VS-2500 with Dispatch 

The Advance – VS-2500D is our top of the line tracking Device. It packs a long list of powerful and easy to use features for fleet owners, Dispatch, Posted Speed, Geofence capable and Driver Scorecard. All this in an offerable start up and monthly cost.

If you are looking to outfit your fleet and maintain the safety and improve customer satifaction, this is the one for you.


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 ELog Solution

Our ELog Solution is an industry leading gps fleet tracking systems that provides a complete line of features for businesses requiring top of the line GPS Fleet Tracking System.

Some of the many key features that are provided include dispatching options, driver interface, an engine diagnostics module, an electronics driver’s log, and more. [/sws_4_columns_last]

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VS-M3G GPS Fleet Tracking System


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Valor System’s job is to apply our vast expertise of various GPS Fleet Tracking System to optimize your businesses’ unique needs to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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