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Advanced In Vehicle Camera with GPS

The Valor System’s Advanced In-Vehicle Camera System combines modern GPS tracking capabilities with dual camera
capturing all data inside and outside of your fleet vehicle. This system is integrated into one self-contained unit which makes it unlike any other product on the market. With the ability to upload HD quality Video to your Server or computer, you will have the ability to manage your fleet without all the hassles of collect data from each camera.

Camera System Features

Dual Camera
Views and records the interior and exterior of the vehicle providing a 170 forward facing camera, along with a 170 degree rearward facing camera for a total view of inside and out.

Built-In GPS
Upon replaying your video, the integrated GPS technology shows vehicle locations with multiple map options.

Janus V2HD3

Powerful Software
Included with the camera is a polished software program that categorizes video/audio, GPS locations, alerts, and more into an easy to learn user interface.

Night Vision Recording
Infrared light immediately initiates night vision recording during dark hours.

WIFI Capability
The camera can be optimized with a WIFI adapter which enables automatic file downloading to a specified computer.

Continuous Recording
The camera continuously records at all times, capturing dual camera audio/video, MPH and KPH speeds, GPS location, and events.

Event Features
This system automatically begins priority saving when an accident occurs, a high impact occurs (braking/accelerating), or for over speeding.  Additionally, it features an emergency trigger button near the driver to manually begin recording at any time.

Play Modes
Custom display windows allow you to view what’s important at larger resolutions. Additionally, the data is distinguished by categories including impact, speeding, normal mode, emergency triggered, and more.

SD Card Storage
Data is stored on an SD Card allowing up to 128GB of storage.

Online Google Map Link
Route’s can be reviewed using the camera’s map sensor.

Enlarge In Vehicle Camera Software Labels

Product Labels


The Valor System offers a variety of accessories to customize your system so that it will accommodate your needs appropriately.  Whether you need additional storage space, locking mechanisms to prevent tampering, or our popular WIFI adapter to automate downloading, we have the products you need to optimize your fleet.

WIFI Adapter

Our WIFI adapter utilizes modern wireless technology and integrates directly into this system.  The adapter enables automatic data downloads which eliminates the need to individually retrieve SD cards from each unit.

Upon parking at the end of a shift, the camera’s data is automatically sent to a designated computer wirelessly. It’s as easy as that.


256GB SD Card

The additional storage space on the 128GB SD card greatly increases the amount of data the camera can save and decreases the amount of times you’ll have to manually download data from the card onto your computer.

Locking Device

You’ll know if an employee has disconnected a camera, but sometimes they’d rather disconnect the camera than have you see something that occurred.  Make this behavior an impossibility with the camera’s locking mechanism that prevents any tampering.

Valor System allows you to test our Car Camera DVR Software with sample data to better assess how the camera can help your business.

Follow the steps below to test the software for free.

Step 1: Download and install the camera viewer software here.
Step 2: Click here to download a zip file which contains sample data in a JDF format.
Step 3: After the software is installed, unzip the JDF files and double click them.  The DVR software will automatically open, simply press play to begin.


Consult the diagram below for complete labeling of the Car Camera DVR software’s features.

Car Camera DVR Software Screen Shot Labels

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Valor System’s Fleet Camera


1. Can I review my own video?

With the Valor System Fleet Camera, you are in control of YOUR Data. We feel that no one else can determine your needs better than your team.

2. How long will the camera record without overwriting video?

There are multiple factors on this answer. Depending on the setting you set for your fleet camera, size of SD card that you are using, will impact the length of recording time. Using the default setting, a 32GB SD card will get you approx. 40 hours of record time.

3. Is there a reoccurring monthly cost?

NEVER! Valor System feels it is your data, why pay someone else to manage it.

4. What are the camera angles of each camera?

Interior camera 120 degree/ exterior 170 degree

5. Can I download the data without pulling the SD card?

For larger fleets, or for those who need to stream line their access to camera video, Valor System offers a WI-FI download adapter that gives you the ability of automatic downloads, once the vehicle comes into the yard/dispatch.  (More information can be obtain from a Valor System Rep)

6. How do you prevent employee tampering?

Every Valor System Fleet Camera Comes with an anti-tampering bracket. This bracket will prevent employees from pulling the power cord, removing the SD card, or disabling the camera.

7. Warranty:

Each Valor System Camera comes with a one year warranty on Manufacturer defects. Giving you the Peace of Mind you need.

8. Follow up Support.

Always free and there for you.

9. Set up and installation.

We know that not every company has a mechanic or IT Dept. onsite. Valor System can provide installation and set up of your Wi-Fi system.  Have an IT dept, we can work with them, using our spec to ensure that your system is up and running in no time.

Sports Camera

sports camera valorValor System’s new Waterproof Sports Camera, the Avenger, is the latest in Sports Camera Technology. The Avenger is equipped to handle up to 50 meters of underwater pressure with Full HD 1080P video quality. Now you can video all of your sports activities in full HD quality, and replay them for your friends.




Backup Camera

backup camera valorThe Fleet Backup Camera has a 120° Degree viewable angle, its waterproof and has auto night vision. The camera is one of the most durable we have, with incredible adjustability and night vision clarity. The Fleet Backup camera has a metal sun shield visor to protect you from glare and debris. This is by far our toughest built camera.




Wireless Backup Camera

Wireless Backup Camera ValorThe Wireless Fleet Backup camera has a 120° Degree viewable angle, it’s waterproof and has auto night vision just like the other Backup Camera we offer. The only difference is that it is completely wireless and can have up to four Backup Cameras connected to it at once.