GPS Trailer Tracking Systems

GPS Trailer Tracking Systems

Valor System offers a full line of GPS Trailer Tracking products to provide any solution you desire. Whether your business requires
full reporting capabilities, real-time tracking data, trailer temperature alerts, unauthorized movement notifications, or even worldwide
tracking, we cater our products to fit your unique needs.

    VS60 GPS Trailer Tracking System

    VS-50 GPS Trailer Tracking Battery Unit

    The VS-50 is a compact GPS trailer tracking device made of durable plastic and features up to four years of battery life and one tracking ping per day to manage a fleet of trailers.  Using only 4 screws, or strong two-way adhesive tape, this unit is easy to install and can be up and running in moments.



    GPS Trailer Tracking Features

    – Daily or Weekly Location UpdatesSafety Track interface
    – Unauthorized Movement Alerts
    – Low Power Consumption
    – Up to 4 Year Battery Life
    – Internal Antennae’s (GPS/Cellular)
    – Geofence Capabilities
    – Low Start-up Costs
    – Various Mapping Views

    View GPS Trailer Tracking Spec Sheet

    VS-312 GPS Trailer Tracking Real Time Unit

    The VS-312 from Valor System is a small, self-contained, real-time GPS Trailer Tracking unit made of high impact plastic and is waterproof up to 5 feet to endure any abuse it may encounter.Trailer Tracking

    GPS Trailer Tracking Features

    – Unauthorized Movement Alerts
    – Real-Time GPS Location Updates
    – 7 Day Battery Backup
    – Internal Cellular/GPS Antennae
    – Geofence Capabilities
    – Low Start-up Costs

    Reporting Options

    – Location and Routes with Several Mapping Options
    – Web-based Reports of Mileage, Moves/Stops, and more
    – Vehicle Nearest to Location/Customer
    – 180 Day Reviewable History
    – Geofence Boundary Alerts
    – Exceeds Set Speed Notifications

    VS-1500 TempDefender: Temperature Monitoring

    Valor System’s TempDefender was specifically designed for the Refrigerated Transportation Fleet Market. This trailer tracking temperature control Trailer Trackingsystem offers a large suite of reporting, monitoring, and alerting tools, in addition to continuous real-time GPS  data.


    – Real Time Temperature/GPS DataTemperature Probe
    – Set High/Low Temperature Alerts
    – Industrial Water Resistant Enclosure
    – Powerful Notifications & Alerts
    – Power Loss Alerts

    View PDF Product Spec Sheet


    TempDefender Screen Shots

    (Click To Enlarge)Temperature Tracking

    Every 30 Second Temperature updates

    Graph reports.

    Temperature with updates.

    Customizable Alerts

    Critical high or Low Alerts

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