Personal Tracking

Personal Tracking Unit

The Valor System is a portable, GPS Personal Tracking Unit unlike anything else. It is a small device that allows consumers to remotely track the position of a loved ones in real-time through the Internet or by placing a phone call. The Persoanl Tracking Unit combines the technology of global positioning satellites (GPS), cellular phone communication and the Internet in a compact device that upon request can transmit its exact location in seconds to give the end-user a complete solution.

Personal Tracking Unit

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Personal Tracking Device



Personal Tracking Unit (Download the Valor Brochure)

Personal Tracking Unit’s Control Panel

Main Control Panel

Main Control Panel

Personal Tracking Unit Features:

Signal Light – Signal light alternately flashes green and red: Device currently has GSM and GPS coverage; standby mode, ready to use.

SOS Button – SOS Button Reports to the control center by sending a text message when pressed, signaling an emergency.

Speaker – Speaker for voice calls when not using earphones

Charging Light – Light stays on when charging is in process and turns off when charging is complete

Answer Button – Press to answer an incoming call

Geofence Button – Activates and deactivates the Geofence feature

Hang-up Button – Press to end a call

GSM (cellular) & GPS Antenna – External component for receiving GSM (cellular) and GPS signals

Speed Dial 3 – Press to dial Gemini Customer Service

Speed Dial 2 – Press to dial the second designated phone number

Speed Dial 1 – Press to dial the first designated phone number

Microphone – To speak into for voice calls

Charger Jack – For charging the battery of the main device