• Valor System Reviewed on recent article on the Valor System. Take a look and see what they have to say.

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  • Tracking Elderly Parents

    As the Baby Boomers prepare for retirement and are looking where to live after the work day is done.  One issue keeps nagging at them.  What to do with my elderly parents.  They still want to be active and live on their own – going to the grocery store or taking a drive or walk […]

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  • Tracking your children with the Personal Tracking Unit

    The personal tracking unit now gives parent the ability to track real-time the location of their child. it uses the latest in GPS tracking Technology and can locate the child within ten feet of their location. with the SOS button, parent can be notified of a “panic” situation with a text message in as little […]

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  • Valor System Joins Dropship Magazine

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  • Real-time versus Passive GPS tracking

    It’s ten o’clock; do you know where your children are…and how fast they’re traveling? This has been an age old worry for parents of teen drivers. With today’s new technology, it is much simpler than you think Steps 1. First determine the type of tracking system you will need for tracking your teen driver. 2. […]

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