Vehicle FleetValor System: Our Clients

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– Plumbing
– Home Healthcare
– Landscaping
– Electrical
– Construction
– Carpet Cleaning
– Telephone Installation
– Towing Service

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– Security Installers
– Industrial Distributors
– Municipalities
– Sales Managers
– Pool Service
– Home Improvement
– Equipment Dealers
– Security Guard Fleets








What Our Clients Are Saying…

“We’ll be able to reduce fuel cost and document that the work was finished on a certain date. With the Valor System it gives us the means of producing reports for our customers showing that the work was finished.”

Alpine Power System
Redford, MI

business man“We have been utilizing your system for seven months. Our initial test worked so well we are implementing your system through-out our entire branch network. Not only have we been able to demonstrate cost savings but the system has increased the safety factor.”

B&B Medical Services Inc. (Little Rock Branch)
Little Rock, AR

“Your product has helped us keep a tighter reign on our employee’s movements. They are much less likely to run personal errands, go home early, or waste time when they know we are looking. I was even able to match up trip routes to gas card purchases to ensure that our company is not paying for gas in personal vehicles.”

Wallmark Service Company
Prince Fredrick, MA