Truck Dispatch Software

Truck Dispatch Software System

Driver DispatchValor System provides multiple systems with integrated Truck Dispatch Software. Utilizing affordable driver interface screens, you can now track, message, and reroute your drivers all in one unit.  Receive the additional benefit of automated reports and alerts that reduce costs and optimize operations.

Garmin Driver Dispatch User-Guide – Safety Track


Plan your day better. Managers and dispatchers can setup each driver’s daily jobs to be displayed on the in-vehicle Garmin.Dispatch screen

  • Send a single location or address to a mobile
  • Send daily itineraries to one or all mobiles
  • View up-to-date overview on status of jobs assigned to your vehicles
  • View jobs through the filter feature for a fleet, single vehicle or the status of a vehicle
  • Re-route or change vehicle route when new jobs are created

View traffic in order to gauge accurate estimated arrival time for each job


Instantly communicate with your mobiles through two-way messaging system displayed on the Garmin in-vehicle screen.

  • Send and receive messages with your drivers through the Garmin device
    Create instant routes or instructions with messages
  • The driver can accept or decline jobs through the messaging system
    Re-route your vehicle
    View job and message status


Safely and accurately navigate to each job to help ensure better customer service.Garmin1

  • Automatic voice guided turn-by-turn directions
  • Ability to change job order based on proximity of current location
  • Receive estimated time of arrivals
  • Change your route or directions to avoid traffic or troubled areas
  • Notification sent to the dispatcher when destination is reached


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– Send Instant Driver Messages
– Turn-By-Turn Navigation Routing
– Organized Fleet Messaging Center
– Multiple Interfaces Available
– Hours of Service Compliable
– Automated Reports & Notifications
– Powerful Truck Dispatch Software

Integrated Truck Dispatch Software Systems

The VS-Dispatch:
Completely Integrated Dispatch System

The VS-Dispatch:
Driver Messaging & Routing Enabled System



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System Screen Shots

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The VS-Dispatch Software

Dispatch Software

The VS-Dispatch System


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