VS-400: Simple – GPS Fleet Tracking

VS-400 GPS Fleet TrackingVS-400: Simple – GPS Fleet Tracking

The VS-400 is a self-contained GPS Fleet Tracking unit that simply plugs into your OBDII connector and will immediately begin tracking and reporting vehicle information.  Optimize your business with efficient routes, maintenance alerts, reporting information, and more.  Also, learn if your employees are speeding, taking long breaks, performing side jobs, or any other bad behaviors.  it gives you all of the GPS Fleet Tracking Reports, Alerts and Ability as those other, more costly units. 


– 100% Web-Based System
– Real-Time GPS Locations
– Full Reporting Capabilities
– Powerful Alerts: Speeding, Geogence, Idling, and more
– Complete History Report
– Instant Phone/E-mail Notifications


VS-400 GPS Fleet Tracking Platform Screen Shot

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VS 300 GPS Tracking Map

Mapping Screen Shots

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Route Display


[sws_toggle1 title=”Satellite View”] Aerial Satellite View [/sws_toggle1]

[sws_toggle1 title=”Street View”]Street View Mode[/sws_toggle1]

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